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The Laetare

The 3 Glorious... the highlight of the White-Moussi year.

In Latin, Laetare means “Rejoice!” You can tell that the message is well understood and widely practiced.

Friday night: Bar Friday & Bar Friday!

The impatient Blanc-Moussi could not wait for the first procession on Saturday and, on Friday evening, he set off for his local. This is where this long-awaited, timeless weekend begins for him. The craziest themes animate this first evening. The most intrepid, led by a few wild musicians, push the door of the local workshop to get closer to the party, where the heart of our brotherhood beats.

Saturday night: a procession of humor and light illuminates the city!

Impossible for the White Moussi to wait quietly, not holding any more in place, as of the afternoon, it hastens to go to seek its famous bladders… In music, with the cool…

Around 9 pm, the festivities really begin with the procession of music and light that illuminates the streets of the city. You won’t see any Blancs-Moussis dressed in their famous costume, as this is exclusively reserved for Sundays! But the Blanc-Moussi is not left out to animate this procession and prolong the party in the establishments of the city and, more particularly, in the two rooms of its local … until the end of the night!

Sunday: the big day! Procession, roundabout, inductions, agape and finally… the Nuit Blanche (White Night) set the pace for the crazy day of the Blancs-Moussis.

“Finally the great day has arrived, the Emulation begins, with music, the descent of the rue Neuve immediately followed by the whole of the Blancs-Moussis, in an impressive Indian file, masked and grumbling. (…) Then, the procession starts and, for more than two hours, the Stavelot groups and guests who compose it will entertain, bring joy, make laugh and smile the crowd of amazed spectators before the BM whirlwind which closes this always colorful procession and for which Stavelot was awarded the title of Capital of Laetare.(…) And finally on the Saint-Remacle square, the apotheosis of the procession: the Rondeau des Blancs-Moussis around the staircase danced on a music of our fellow citizen and friend, Raymond Micha. The last note of the Rondeau barely faded, the March of the Laetare involves Blancs-Moussis and spectators in crazy farandoles that cross and intermingle.

The day of the White Moussi does not end with this joyful farandole. It is time for him to join the guard of honor in the cellars of the old Abbey and to attend the enthronement of the new knights in the Chapter House or, in small groups, to experience the Mâssî-tour.

“When night falls on the city on the evening of the Laetare, as the first rockets of the fireworks explode in the sky, small groups of Blancs-Moussis head for the abbey. It is there that the agapes take place, the traditional meal that brings together the BM and their guests: the inductees of the day, the knights and the festival committee. (…) You must have heard the songs that break out on the tables, while courageous speakers try in vain to take the floor (…) You must have seen, at the end of the meal, the Flon-Flon, perched on the chairs, animating the wild farandoles that are unleashed. (…) Once the agape is over, Flon-Flon, in the lead, the BMs go to the cellars. One floor below, the Nuit Blanche awaits them.

Such is the name that bears, rightly, the great ball that closes this Sunday of celebration. Organized since 1959 in the Romanesque cellars restored by the BM, the Nuit Blanche brings together the BM and their friends in a warm carnival atmosphere where the Flon-Flon reigns supreme. And it is in the early hours of Monday that this Sunday of Laetare ends, for the most valiant…

Monday: Stavelot lives its last day of costumes, music, humor and delirium!

On Monday afternoon, the local companies bring out their floats, costumes and instruments for a tour of the city which, from café to café, will animate the city and the public, essentially from Stavelot, until the festival committee’s tent where the last ball of the Laetare is held.

The Blanc-Moussi takes advantage of this last day to dress up once again according to free themes always more imaginative and delirious. The groups compete with ingenuity and zany ideas to make this Monday one of the best moments of the Laetare. Laughter, delirium and parodies punctuate these 3 crazy days before a well-deserved rest.

Tuesday: Only one year left to wait…