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The current Brotherhood

If the Blanc-Moussi character has been roaming our regions for several centuries, the Brotherhood in its current form was born during the period of reconstruction of Stavelot after the 2nd World War.

After a first reappearance of the character at the Carnival of the previous year, it is in 1947 that 21 young Stavelotains will completely metamorphose the character Blanc-Moussi.

They will be helped by Walter Fostier, journalist at the Belgian radio (I.N.R.).

Seduced by the participation of all Stavelotains in the Laetare, he then launched a series of reports in favor of the Laetare and its emblematic character.

At the same time, he suggested that the Blancs-Moussis organize themselves into a Brotherhood. It helps them to structure themselves, to create a management committee, to draft statutes in order to guarantee the traditions and codes of this traditional costume.

From that moment on, the character of the Blanc-Moussi developed considerably until he became the ambassador of a city and its Laetare, but also to count among the main representatives of Belgian folklore.

The Confraternity is a non-profit association (ASBL), democratic and apolitical. All generations, all backgrounds and social classes mix together in a good mood. Besides, no one looks more like a masked White Moussi than another masked White Moussi!

Based on the historical traditions of the costume, the Confraternity is made up exclusively of male members.

The other criteria for acceptance are simple: you must be of age and live in Stavelot (for at least 3 years) in order to guarantee that the Blanc-Moussi suit is exclusive to Stavelot.

Today, it represents more than 370 members who are all actively involved in the defense of the Blanc-Moussi tradition and the local folklore heritage.

The gathering of these people with diverse skills and talents is valuable and allows us to take care of all our needs by ourselves.

The brotherhood has its own premises on the banks of the Amblève. These are old tanneries that were bought and renovated by the BM in the 80s. This building, which has been listed since 1985, allows us to host our numerous events, but is also available for rent.

Of course we produce our own confetti floats. But confetti, masks, bladders are also from our own forces.

Last but not least, the Brotherhood also publishes its own media. The Journal Blanc-Moussi – or JBM – has accompanied us in all our adventures since 1951.

But above all, it can be summed up in a few simple words: a great human adventure full of new, unusual and unique experiences…