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No folklore without music…

Obviously, there is no folklore without music. But the Blancs-Moussis are not musicians at heart. Even though the Brotherhood is fortunate to have several of them among its members to ensure the atmosphere on various occasions.

For our processions, we can count on the 2 local bands to accompany us.

During the Laetare, it is the Emulation, our official music,  which ensures our musical animation while the Orpheus opens the parade. 

During the rondeau of the Blancs-Moussis which closes the procession, it is still the Emulation which plays the march of the rondeau, before the Orphée engages for the farandole to follow which the 2 bands animate in turn. A great moment where actors and spectators are brought together by the music of our friends.

The special relationship with our two local bands has lasted for decades. They also accompany us on most of our trips and various events abroad.

They actively contribute to our reputation in Stavelot and everywhere we go!

Outside of the procession, the Blancs-Moussis are never far from the musical atmosphere that characterizes carnival celebrations.

Musicians and Blancs-Moussis, Blancs-Moussis and musicians… The styles are then mixed thanks to our few BMs who also have the quality of being musicians.

They then formed the Flon-Flon which, year after year, animates our Agapes and our Nuit Blanche with rhythms between folklore and Brass Band, and is perpetuated from generation to generation since the 50s.