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The Laetare takes place on the occasion of the mid-Lenten celebrations. That is exactly 4 weeks after Carnival and 3 weeks before Easter.

Even though it changes from year to year, it is therefore easy to find the date 😊

But as we are nice, here are already the dates of the next 3 editions:

2023: March 18 – 19 – 20

2024 : 9 -10 -11 March

2025 : March 29 -30 -31

The Laetare takes place over 3 days of official festivities:

  • Saturday: Humorous procession at night from 8:00 pm. No White Mousis, but many groups with varied and colorful themes!
  • Sunday: Laetare procession with the numerous Stavelotain Folkloric Groups to bring all the necessary color and atmosphere and closed by the Blancs-Moussis and their confetti-blowing floats. The Rondeau then brings the final touch and launches the festivities to follow until the early hours
  • Monday: Last outing of the Groups to perform their dances and animations one last time before converging on the Festival Committee’s marquee for a last moment of celebration. No more Blancs-Moussis, but they are still part of the party through satirical and humorous themes that are always crazier!

More information on the upcoming editions on the website of the ComitĂ© des FĂȘtes

The Blancs-Moussis open their venue on Friday night to kick off the sweet madness of the Laetare weekend. An atmosphere of fire awaits you until the wee hours.

We also welcome you on Saturdays and Mondays in a folkloric and musical atmosphere.

BM life is busy throughout the year with many activities, sometimes private, sometimes public.

We invite you to stay informed about our events and activities via our homepage or our Facebook page

But Stavelot is not limited to the Blancs-Moussis. We also invite you to discover the numerous socio-cultural and tourist proposals of our beautiful city by browsing the links to the following organizations (link to links page)

Every year, the “Little Whites” are an important part of our entertainment during the procession. They are taken care of by a group of people who will be able to guide them efficiently during their one-day BM course.

Registration takes place a few weeks before the Laetare.

You will find useful information on our homepage (link), facebook page (link) and in the BM Journal. As a reminder, the age range of children admitted is from 6 to 12 years old.

For orders of masks and bladders, it’s here.

Here is an excerpt from our statutes concerning applications for admission to the Blancs-Moussis brotherhood:

To be admitted as a White Moussi Candidate, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be male,
  2. To be domiciled in Stavelot for at least three years or to have been domiciled in Stavelot for at least twelve years or to be the son of a White Moussi who has performed at least ten Laetare as a full member,
  3. Be at least eighteen years old,
  4. Not to have been a member of a folkloric society participating in the Laetare, band or stavelotaine harmony for at least one year, except with the prior agreement of the President of this society and provided that the Candidate participates in the Laetare procession in Blanc Moussi,
  5. To present his candidacy personally before the Chapter of the Confraternity at its meeting in November and to be accepted by the said Chapter by a simple majority of those voting.